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The Emperor's Conscience


Working security in a brothel was just as much fun as Evan thought it would be—until an assassin attempted to murder the Madame.


For Evanar Hostric, Imperial Magister and The Emperor’s Conscience, this is much more than a job as he scours the Trulari city of Jerea for three missing girls—and finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy that could spell disaster for two continents.

Evan is suddenly thrust into a new role—one he learns he is not prepared for—when he discovers that the only way to his goal is through the most powerful woman in the city.

Bound by a promise to a desperate mother, Evan is tested as he must learn an entirely new set of skills that will forever change him.

With a wily Madame and a prostitute-turned-spy as his only allies, he does his best to live up to his obligations, all while trying not to get killed, or worse, fall in love.


Join Evanar Hostric as he takes International Relations to a whole new level, in this newest look into the life of The Emperor’s Conscience.

Heading 2

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