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Meet your Author

I am the wordslinger. I am the creator of worlds and Lord over all I imagine.

Was that convincing? I practiced in front of a mirror.

Actually, my characters are in charge and I chase the stabby bastards across the empire and beyond to try to document the body count.

I was the guy who always said, "I want to write a book." But never did.

Until I did.

Then as I wrote the sequel, I realized that I had made a number of promises to you, fair reader and I needed to deliver on them. I wrote more and more until I had several books in draft and an entire series plotted (or three). You are getting to reap the rewards of my delirium and I promise you a wild ride.


So, get in, sit down, turn the page, and hang on to begin a wonderful adventure with Evanar Hostric and his friends as we explore what it means to be:

The Emperor's Conscience

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